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"My name is Chris Jacketts and I have been married to Romey for 12 years. We met in the gym as I was a weight lifter and she a competing body builder at the time. However as Romey progressed to triathlons, I supported her by going to her competitions and watching from the side, cheering her on. She constantly commented on how I should consider doing a triathlon, so with Romey's training knowledge and motivational skills she trained me to enter my first triathlon in 2008. Since then I have competed in 6, including the London triathlon which I finished in 10th place and the Vitruvian Half Ironman. I am hoping to qualify for next years World Championships in 2010. She is inspirational and opened a whole new world of triathlons into my life," Chris Jacketts.

"My name is Michael Hollyman colleague and friend of Romey Jacketts. Through the years of working and training with Romey I have found that she is a extremely professional, friendly and committed Personal Trainer, who practices what she preaches!! Having put and continuously puts her mind and body though varied challenges with success. Romey is passionate about nutrition, exercise, health and fitness and has provided me with knowledge, advice and training tips which has assisted me in achieving my goals and development." Michael Hollyman. Personal trianer

"I'm a single mother of two and made a decision this year to take my sons away on holiday. However, I was dreading being seen in a bikini, and needed someone to motivate and give encouragement to lose weight and improve my fitness. I found Romey Jacketts! I have never met anyone so dedicated and passionate on health and fitness. Romey is approachable, professional and supportive. I'm really pleased with the results and still see Romey regularly to keep me on track. I went on holiday wore the bikini I'd bought, felt amazing, but couldn't have done it without Romey's continued encouragement and dedicated support." Kelly Dance

"My name is Alexis Barry, I am the Health & Fitness Manager of Basingstoke Sports Centre. I have always been able to motivate myself with a thorough training regime, but unfortunatley I was injured over 4 years ago now and was unable to keep my regime up due to lack of what I could actually do physically. My weight increased until I was 3 stone heavier than I am today causing me more problems. I decided to invest in my biggest asset, my health, and used Romey Jacketts for a period of 7 mths.Romey took me back to basics, encouraging me to work to my very best ability with or without her. Romey supported me every step of the way, introducing me to a whole new feeling of strength and confidence. I am now 3 stone lighter, training three to 5 times a week, and have started training for the London marathon for 2012. I have the passion for myself again, it just shows that even when you are in the health & fitness industry you can benefit from a personal trainer, I have, and will continue to highly recommend her, and she is worth every penny!" Alexis Barry

"I decided that I wanted to complete a triathlon; an ambitious goal for someone who was overweight and very unfit. I found Romey Jacketts who provided me with much more than just personal training. She gave me dietary advice which has led to me shedding and maintaining the loss of one and a half stone. In addition to this she provided continuous health and fitness advice through regular communication well above and beyond my expectations. Each and every session was valuable with her wonderful ability to put you through pain and still like her at the end! She is truly inspirational and has had an impact on my life as well as my fitness. Her endless motivation and dedication to others is commendable. I urge anyone who is serious about making a change to make the right choice and choose Romey to help you achieve your goal. I have now completed my second triathlon and know that with the guidance she has given me I can continue to achieve even more in the future." Rachel Auger

"My name is Emily Galer and I’ve been training with Romey for around 9 months now. Back in July 2011, I was looking forward to going to Australia for Christmas but dreading being on the beach and wearing summer clothes. I had had several years where I’d gradually put on a significant amount of weight and over the summer I had been really working hard at the gym to reverse it. I thought I was eating well but it was having a barely noticeable effect and I was ready to give up. Thankfully, I decided to start training with Romey to give getting fit one last go and I haven’t looked back once. Romey’s personal training style twins exercise with diet and works absolute wonders. She quickly identified parts of my diet that I needed to improve and gave clear advice on how to do so. I didn’t realise how ill my diet was making me until I implemented Romey’s changes – I feel so much better all the time and I don’t get slumps in energy anymore. In the gym, Romey has worked hard on building up my endurance and strength. I love the strength work that we do and our workouts are always varied. This has not only meant that I never get bored, but really importantly it means that Romey has taught me a lot about how to put together a full body workout and how to safely push myself. Romey achieved incredible results, incredibly quickly with me. By the time I went to Australia at the start of December, I had gone from a size 14/16 to a size 10 and over 2 stone. Most importantly, I am healthier than I have ever been. Far from giving up on getting healthy (as I had very nearly done) I can see a lifetime of being fit and active ahead of me. I don’t think it’s any exaggeration to say that Romey has saved me from a lifetime of illness and obesity."Emily Galer, April 2012

"Myself and my daughter have attended Romey's spinning class for quite some time and have received personal training at our gym (not Romey) with little effect. We decided to approach Romey in September of last year. We started with an initial assessment which was so thorough and went into such detail. It came across from this point that Romey was so dedicated and committed to offering a great service. We later met to start our training in the gym where she assessed our capabilities and tailor made an exercise plan for us. The exercises she has done have completely changed the way We look at gym workouts. They are just so different and challenging. Romey is patient and supportive in the extreme and her workouts and nutritional advice have brought great results both physically and in the way we feel. We both have lost in excess of 1.5 stones and feel so much fitter and healthier. We look forward to each session we have with her and have never been disappointed. She is so very approachable, knowledgeable and very caring. If you are thinking of having personal training there is no one who can match Romey." Sue and Annie Hanley 2014

In our family we have an expression 'you have been romeyed'. Since June last year myself and other members of my family have been working with Romey on a weekly basis. We are a mixed age group, all with different needs and all with different end goals. Romey has been fantastic, in identifying those needs and helping us put steps in place to achieve every single one of them. My goals were to lose weight, to get fit and to maintain both, in essence a complete lifestyle change. 8 months later, the changes Romey has encouraged me to make are showing fantastic results, both physically and mentally. For me, Romey is the best and has made such a huge positive impact in my life and to my lifestyle that I would recommend her to anyone that asked - in my view everyone should take the opportunity to be 'romeyed'. Ginny Lee February 2016 Having had a two year hiatus from exercise and healthy eating, due to professional commitments with work and then suddenly finding myself quite ill of health at the age of 53 at the tail end of 2015, I turned to Romey on recommendation from several members of my family who were ALREADY seeing and feeling the benefits of working with her on their personal health, fitness and positive mental attitude and it was the best "New Year's" Resolution I have ever made! In less than 3 months; with Romey's help, support and guidance on my diet, my exercise plan, my overall personal ability and attitude to life, I have already accomplished two of my three key goals and now feel so much better about myself and being in my own skin, totally happy with the direction I am going in and confident that I can achieve any and every other goal I have set myself. Romey is not only fantastic as a Personal Trainer, but she is an amazing Life Coach for your health and overall wellbeing and attitude to life. The way you eat, the way you exercise and the way you deal with the negatives that come your way (week to week) and how, using your mind, your attitude, your diet and your exercise, YOU can overcome each and every hurdle you jump and be a better person - no matter what! Move over Mr Joe Wicks.......there's a NEW Body Coach in town! She's called Romey and she is JUST fabulous!! Caroline Cliffe March 2016

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