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Offering quality personal training & nutritional advice in Basingstoke, Hampshire, and the surrounding counties of Berkshire & Surrey.

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Free Consultation

I offer a free confidential consultation at which time we will discuss your goals and your requirements and what may be stopping you achieve them. This is an informal chat and you may like to ask me any questions you have about personal training sessions, how I work or anything else that you are concerned about.

I will ask you to complete a PARQ lifestyle questionnaire and a few questions about you which will help me to understand your goals.

We will then agree a plan you will need to decide how many sessions of personal training you would like to have per week. To realistically achieve your goals a minimum of three sessions per week is recommended. However, you don't need to have three personal training sessions per week, you may decide to have one session per week and in addition participate in two other exercise sessions per week. It all depends on your budget, time and motivation. See Prices


Do you have a full understanding of your diet and nutritional requirements? Do you know how your nutrition can affect your moods and energy levels? I offer a nutritional analysis and can review your diet. When you book your tests analysis I shall email you a FOOD & MOOD ANALYSIS which I will ask you to complete over a week before we see each other for our next consultation. See Tests.


Each client has their own individual training programme. At each training session I refer to this and make adjustments and comments accordingly. Sessions are varied and constantly reviewed.

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