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Fitness & Weight Training

Many people do not understand the need for resistance training within their exercise regime and it is a well known fact that women think that by using weights they will "build big muscles", a comment that I have heard over my 25 years of being in the gym arena. I wish! Women's bodies do not have the testosterone required to build huge muscles so this proves very difficult, unless of course you want to have more definition and then I can write a bodybuilding programme for you.

Resistance training is essential in your life as it not only gives your body structure & good posture but also helps to stop any injuries occurring in every day life as your muscles are strengthened around your spine & joints.

The added bonus is that muscles burn far more fat then any cardio exercise, so this is why I have always included some sort of resistance training into my life.

I will write a programme that will suit your needs and we will work together to achieve your goals.

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